Triton H2O Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine, Produces pH 3.5-10.5 -570mV - Alkaline Water Home Water Purification Countertop, 7 Water Setting Filtration System (Silver)

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  • ALKALIZED WATER MACHINE: This is a water ionizer, which uses the principles of electrolysis to increase the pH of water, making it more alkaline. Drinking alkaline water can have numerous health benefits, such as better hydration, digestion, and energy conversion, along with reducing your body’s level of acidity and generally hydrating you better.
  • 7 WATER SETTINGS: Our alkaline water machine provides you with water at seven different pH levels, for a variety of different purposes and uses. With our ionized water machine, you can have the perfect water for everything from daily drinking to household disinfection and everything in between.
  • DISPLAY & SOUND: You don't have to worry about translating confusing data with this water alkaline machine, as we've built it with a clear LCD screen display along with voice prompts to alert you of its processes. This makes the water ionizer machine all the easier to use.
  • EASY INSTALL: You can attach this water alkalizer to your internal thread, external thread, or threadless home faucet system in a matter of minutes. This means you can use our pH water machine to get the alkalized water that you need at home in no time at all, with a capacity of 8000L.
  • CARBON WATER FILTER: Along with the platinum and titanium electroplates making this alkaline water ionizer more energy efficient and long-lasting, we also build in an active carbon water filter. This means the water ionizing machine isn't just creating alkalized water, but it’s purified as well.

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